Yoga Etiquette 101

While I don’t necessarily think yoga has “rules”, I do feel that there should be a certain level of respect to the studio space, it’s teachers and fellow yogis just like you. This will allow everyone to maintain their own practice in a room filled with different types...

What Makes Us Who We Are?

Pure Synergy was created as a place for our community to come together and for the people “our tribe”. This is why our class times and types change; they evolve with and for the people taking them. Our classes are alignment based and small so we can make sure everyone is safe and assist anyone that may need a little personal help. We will never ask our instructors to teach a scripted class or our therapists to do an routine service, because we do what our clients need right now. That’s is the core of our existence.

We’ve Got a Mobile App!

We are so very excited to announce that our very own app is available now! With this app you will have access to book & edit appointments, view the class schedule & register for classes, parents can sign their kids up for Young Yogi classes, and so much more. So,...

Crystals As Wellness Tools

Have you heard of crystals as wellness tools? You may have seen a few sparkly home decor items popping up around you, geodes in Target, amethyst clusters in Home Goods, and most all stores carry salt lamps. Have you seen them? The cool thing is...these sparkling...

Essential Oil Spotlight: Eucalyptus

As we come into our spring months with mold in the air from the rain and plants beginning to bud, so many North Texans are getting hit with allergies. What if you could find an essential oil that not only helps you breathe, but also aids with headaches, viral...

The Chakras

In yoga, reiki, and ayurveda, you often hear mention of the 7 chakras. In western medicine you don’t hear about the chakras very much, so what are they? The 7 chakras are energy centers in our body that start at the base of our spine and...

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