The Secret Ingredient to a Happy Holiday Season

Would you like the secret to actually having a happy holiday this year? To not spending significant amounts of time curled up on the floor drinking heavily spiked eggnog while hiding in a DIY wrapping paper fortress (although you can do some of that too, if that’s what you’re into)?

Lean in close…


I’m not refusing to tell you, I’m saying that’s the secret.

Holiday Blues

My inner Christmas villain had not always been my heart’s default. In fact it had nothing to do with a dislike of jolliness and everything to do with heartache. A few years ago, I lost my two year old nephew in a tragic and sudden event. His absence had a way of resurfacing deep rooted feelings of grief, regret, and lots of ‘what if’s’ around the holidays.  As a child and family counselor, I had to learn a lesson that I often teach – I was not alone. There are many clients I’ve worked with who experience significant emotional challenges as the holidays approach. However, navigating this time of year, after the loss of a loved one is hard no matter who you are.

Smiling and Laughing Reduces Stress!

Did you know…
Smiling and Laughing Reduces Stress!!!

Sometimes it’s hard with all the stress around the holidays, but you have to laugh. Since mood and body language are linked, it makes sense that laughing on purpose helps too!

Eating Well for the Holidays

EATING WELL FOR THE HOLIDAYS Many of my clients find the holiday season to be a challenging time of year, I completely get it. There have been times in my life where I have found them challenging as well. Years ago, the holidays would be a time of over-indulgence in...

Coping with Anxiety at Holiday Parties

Holidays are approaching, and the party invitations are beginning to arrive. You want to be there with your friends and family but the anxiety sets in right as you step through the door. Social situations tend to bring up a lot of feelings and anxieties that we aren't...

Pose Breakdown: Plank

Do you have a love/hate relationship with plank? Many students find they are totally OVER it when they are in the midst of plank but feel super strong once they are done. Sometimes it can be challenging to find that sweet spot in plank where you are comfortably uncomfortable. Let’s take a look on how you can get the most out of plank and make it accessible no matter your ability.

Pose Breakdown: Wheel

Wheel pose looks pretty cool right? I have memories of childhood tumbling when I see and practice wheel. It’s one to work towards often to increase upper body strength and spine mobility. Even though it looks cool it is inaccessible to many people. Wheel pose requires a lot of power and flexibility in the entire body, upper and lower. It also requires substantial warm-up and loads of concentration.

Just because of the requirements list, many can stray from it, or not find it accessible enough even to try to work on it, this is where, as with most things in yoga, props are our friends!

Pose Breakdown: Child’s Pose

Balasana, or child’s pose, packs lots of benefits whether you are working through the traditional expression of the pose or one of the modifications you will learn below. It quiets the mind, improves digestion, it elongates the lower back, opens the hips, and reminds us that resting isn’t a bad practice.

Accessible Yoga

“Accessible” has become a buzzword in the Yoga community recently. I’m pleased more awareness is being brought to the need to make Yoga something anyone can do, but what exactly does accessible mean? As with any popular word, it can mean myriad things.

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