Pose Breakdown: Yogi Squat

Pose Breakdown: Yogi Squat

Malasana, sometimes also called Garland Pose or Yogi Squat looks very simple but is often difficult for us to achieve. It requires the perfect balance of mobility and stability in the ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, and spine, as it works the quadricep, hamstring, glute, and calf muscles of the legs, plus, it strengthens the lower back and core.

There are also many benefits that malasana has for your body, especially in our culture of sitting. It is a very effective way to release the lower back, to ground your energy, and even to tone the entire lower body. It works the quadricep, hamstring, glute, and calf muscles of the legs, plus, it strengthens the lower back and core.

Here’s how to do it:

Start by placing your feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart, and turning your toes out just a bit. Don’t worry if you don’t get it just right, you can always re-adjust your stance later.  Next, drop your hips as if sitting down, as far as you can drop them. Depending on your body proportions and flexibility, your heels may lift anywhere from just a bit to a lot, and that’s okay. Try to keep them reaching for the floor, but don’t force the heels down.

Once your lower half is situated and stable, bring your elbows inside your knees, press your palms together, in prayer position. Use your elbows to further guide your knees apart, and push your chest through your knees. Focus on lengthening your spine. Depending on your torso length, you may find your elbows a little higher or lower on the inner thighs.

There can be some trouble shooting for malasana, here is what I see most often:

  • Stressing over heels not touching the ground. Heels not reaching the ground can mean lots of things, from tighter hamstrings, to knee troubles, to simply unchanging body proportions. The simplest solution in class is to slide your blanket up under your heels to support your malasana base.
  • Knees collapsed in. This is one you want to be cautious of, as we really want to protect our knee joints. Often times this can come from tight hip flexors or even an unstable core. Ensure the knees are tracking over the center of the ankle and the toes are pointed the same direction as the knees. Sometimes this may mean that you have to adjust the width of your feet to be slightly wider or narrower depending on your proportions.
  • Aystemmetry. Often this is due to a previous lower body injury, and sometimes we are just tighter on the dominant side of our body. If your malsana is leaning or tilting unevenly—lift your hips, using a prop such as a block, blanket, or even a small chair under your hips until your hips are parallel with the floor and the compromised side is in balancedFalling backwards. Falls happen! If you find yourself falling in malasana, usually this happens when trying to get those heels to the ground, try tucking a block behind your sits bones. You want to still encourage your weight to be in your feet, but that little support can keep you from falling backwards and allow you to express the pose.

    Bonus tip: Practice this at home by holding on to a countertop or door knob and sinking your hips back (to a block or not) so that you can work on the shape, alignment, and stabilizing those muscles with less risk of falling.

    Practice these tips and soon you will be able to sit in malasana and use it as a go to position to counteract all of the sitting we do in our day-to-day lives.


Crystals As Wellness Tools

Crystals As Wellness Tools

Have you heard of crystals as wellness tools?

You may have seen a few sparkly home decor items popping up around you, geodes in Target, amethyst clusters in Home Goods, and most all stores carry salt lamps. Have you seen them?

The cool thing is…these sparkling beauties aren’t just chic pieces of home decor…they also have some really great healing benefits on an emotional, energetic, and physical level.

This isn’t just woo-woo metaphysical y’all, although there is plenty of that action too, these are science backed theories based on physics and modern technology. Cool right? Science is finally able to prove many of the things we “healers” have been saying for a long time.

According to Richard Gerber, MD, energies that originate at the Soul level, undergoes transformation and translation until it comes to life in your physical body as either a conscious emotion, personality trait, or physical issue (positive or negative).

It’s not new science that crystals can transform, translate, and conduct energies. Quartz has long been used in watches, cars, lasers, imaging, communication technologies, and for other means of transmission of electromagnetic, positive, and negative energy.

You may be wondering how this applies to healing and wellness?

As I mentioned, quartz crystals are used for timekeeping purposes. They live in almost every timepiece. The reason crystals are so sought after for keeping time is they are the most precise molecular construct on the planet. When they are stimulated by energy, any energy, their molecules oscillate at a very precise rate. This is known as the “piezoelectric effect” (yeah, remember that, there will be a quiz later!).

Because quartz oscillate so precisely, it has a very low entropy. Entropy, in its most simplistic definition, describes a molecules ability to basically get out of order – or to be irregular. Humans, have many different tissues made of different molecular structures, meaning we have a very high entropy. Our energies, cells, and molecules are very susceptible to get out of order and out of balance.

In addition to being an entropic mess express, our human suits are also big conductors of energy – even the electric form. Ever heard of an EKG? It’s measure the electric/energetic current of your heart. What about an EMG? Same thing but for your brain or nerve transmissions. This combination makes it really ease for our cells, molecules, energies (and with repeated/lasting exposure) or physical bodies to get out of balance.

Thinking back to what Dr. Gerber said, when we get out of balance energetically eventually it manifests itself is a physical ailment.

Enter, crystal healing.

Crystals with their perfect molecular structure, low entropy,  and dominant oscillation help to retune our human energies at a subtle energy level that translates to the molecular, cellular, and physical plane when in close proximity to the body. This can be enhanced by matching a specific naturally occurring crystal or mineral with the associated endocrine (glands)  or nervous system areas on the body and matching them either in frequency or molecular structure.

So how do you make this work for you? Here are some great ways to incorporate crystals into your everyday routine to maximize your wellness:

  • Wear a crystal. Make sure it is a naturally occurring stone (not dyed, baked, radiated, or fake). You can wear a bracelet or necklace, wear it in your bra or carry it in your pocket. Don’t worry about picking the “wrong” stone or placement, go with your intuition for now.
  • Want to learn what crystals are for what purpose? Join us on 6/27 AT 1:30PM for a workshop all about Crystal Healing!
  • Meditate with a crystal to enhance mediation. Hold a crystal in your left hand, begin to deepen your breathe and quiet your mind. See what comes up for you.
  • Place a crystal on your bedside table while you sleep. (Hint: little ones with nightmares do great with amythest or rose quartz beside their bed. Make sure it’s not small enough for littles to put in their mouth.)
  • Want a Crystal Energy Session and your specific crystal ”prescription” ? schedule a session here (http://AudreyChristie.com/work-with-audrey)
  • Get the benefits of grounding by placing a hematite at or under your feet.
  • Got a headache? Lay down to rest with an amethyst on our near your forehead.

There are so many ways to incorporate crystals easily and effortlessly into everyday life to enhance your wellbeing.