Class Schedule Changes: PHASE 1!

Class Schedule Changes: PHASE 1!

We are so very excited to announce our highly anticipated new class schedule! We’ve added new classes and we’ve changed up a few classes. Let us know what you think!

These classes will begin Sunday 10/14 are now LIVE on our class schedule so they are ready to be booked/attended/reviewed from our website or our app!
Have you seen the app? It’s great, you’ll love it!

Phase 1 – Nights and Weekends! (Phase 2 – Morning/Day Time coming soon!) These changes were chosen based off of the survey we put out last month!
link to it here if you haven’t taken it yet!

New Classes:
Yoga Flow – Think of fun playlists and lots of movement! This all-level friendly yoga class is designed to help you let loose and do your thing on the mat.
45 Minute Workout – This class is just that! Looking for a quick, full body workout? This class is just for you. Utilizing body weight, exercise bands, and balance balls!
Strength & Stretch – This Yin inspired class is designed to tone and strengthen muscles with slow core exercises as well relieve tension with deep stretching. Longer, static holds enable us to access deep yin tissue health – fascia and connective tissue. Our bodies need this combination of yang and yin practices to keep our joints healthy.
Zumba® – We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check
Pound® –  Sweat. Scupt. Rock Out! Pound is the first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing, and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums! (Wear comfy tennis shoes for this active class!)

Click here to see a list of ALL of our class descriptions


Our Weekly Class schedule!
(Please note that the M&W 12pm Express Flow class has changed to Yoga Flow T&TH at 12pm)
New or Changed Classes Are Italicized

10:30am Chair Yoga with Andi
5:30pm Align & Flow with Jessie
7pm Strength & Stretch with Mere

5:30am Morning Movement with Roger
9am Yoga Core with Anna
12pm Yoga Flow with Rachel (this class is a full 60 minutes)
5:15pm Mat Pilates with Roger
6:30pm 45 Minute Workout with Lindsey
7:30pm Yoga Flow with Jessie

9am Yoga Roots with Sangeeta
10:30am Chair Yoga with Andi
5:30pm Align & Flow with Mere
7:00pm Strength & Stretch with Mere

5:30am Morning Movement with Roger
9am Yoga Core with Anna
12pm Yoga Flow with Rachel (this class is a full 60 minutes)
5:15pm Mat Pilates with Roger
6:30pm 45 Minute Workout with Lindsey
7:30pm Yoga Flow with Rachel

9am Fun Friday with Lindsey
10:30am Chair Yoga with Andi
6:00pm Fun Friday with Lindsey

8am Pound with Melissa
9:30am Yoga Flow with Kristen

10am Zumba with Anu
11:30am Restore & Relax with Kristen
4pm Mat Pilates with Roger

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See You In Class!
Yoga Etiquette 101

Yoga Etiquette 101

While I don’t necessarily think yoga has “rules”, I do feel that there should be a certain level of respect to the studio space, it’s teachers and fellow yogis just like you. This will allow everyone to maintain their own practice in a room filled with different types of people. Maybe you enjoy a quiet, deeply relaxing class or would you’d rather a base thumping, fast flow? Either way in a room of many people and many goals, the following points will help to make everyone have a better experience on (and off) the mat:

1) R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Respect your instructor and the other people in the studio. Some days the room will be quiet when you need music or the class will be fast when you need it slow. That’s life, my friend. Roll with it. The instructor planned that class for a reason. The other people in class have come to that class for a reason. Please respect all the people (it’s about more than just you or me).

2) EARLY YOGI GETS THE MAT – Get to class 10-15 minutes early. Life is crazy and busy and loud and overwhelming. Arriving early allows you to take a breather before breathing on cue and slow down before your first down-dog. Take this time to talk to your instructor, journal or get out your wiggles and start to get centered. If you are a couple minutes late, please be quiet entering the studio. If you are more than a couple minutes late, please understand if you are turned away.

3) MUSIC MAKES ME LOSE CONTROL… hold it. NO. Turn off the need to be entertained. It’s not about that. Yoga is about getting inside of you; your head, your body, your heart. There are sounds (or not) for a reason. Maybe it’s to block out our intersection or it’s for a themed class, regardless there is a method to the madness. Trust us!

4) DIGITAL OVERLOAD? In a world where there’s a screen every time we turn around, use this chance to turn it all off. It’s one hour. ONE HOUR… Please turn your phone to OFF or DO NOT DISTURB, vibrate is not an option. If you feel it’s a do or die, it’s probably better to come back on a day when you can fully focus.

5) SECRETS SECRETS ARE NO FUN. No one likes a gossip or not feeling like they’re part of the “cool kid club”. I think you are all pretty special, so please play nice with others. NO gossip. NO cliques. ONLY peace and love. (That got real hippie, real quick.)

6) CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS! Please practice proper hygiene. Smoke, heavy perfumes, even strong essential oils can be very overwhelming in our intimate space. Also please do not walk on mats with shoes on. Yoga is practiced barefoot and your shoes are a cesspool of bacteria.

7) PUT IT BACK THE WAY YOU FOUND IT. Take just a moment and fold the blanket nicely. It takes just a minute to clean the mat and roll it properly. We want the class before you to make everything nice for your class, please do the same for the class after yours.

8) AND NOW SHAVASANA. Don’t skip it. Learn to love it, crave it, come to class for it, but also respect it. If you aren’t looking to calm yourself, it’s possible you are looking for all the right things in all the wrong places. Shavasana is a pose, just like pidgeon or child’s pose, but it can also be so much more. Please respect it as such and allow your mind and body to give into it. Settle. Breathe. Grow.

Now go enjoy every minute in the studio! Laugh (somewhat quietly), learn and love this little community we are creating. After all, being human is the first step in being a great human being.

What Makes Us Who We Are?

What Makes Us Who We Are?

Pure Synergy was created as a place for our community to come together and for the people “our tribe”. This is why our class times and types change; they evolve with and for the people taking them. Our classes are alignment based and small so we can make sure everyone is safe and assist anyone that may need a little personal help. We will never ask our instructors to teach a scripted class or our therapists to do an routine service, because we do what our clients need right now. That’s is the core of our existence.

Here are a few things that make us who we are:

We keep our class sizes small (never more than 15 people) and our instructors are hired based off of their ability to be aware of the needs of the people they are instructing. Whether the student needs modifications to make a pose more accessible to accommodate for an injury or inexperience; or they are looking for a little more of a push – the instructor can help with that.

With that being said, our very talented instructors are not mind readers. We always recommend that you come a few minutes early to speak with the instructor about your goals for the class and any injuries or worries you may have. They are here for YOU.

Let’s be honest – most of us don’t know how to do yoga when we first start coming to class… that’s why we go to yoga! Nothing is worse than going to a class and feeling left behind. We strive to avoid that. Our classes are designed to be educational. We want you to understand why we do the poses we do, what each pose helps in daily life, how to breathe efficiently, building your yogic foundation, and what namaste means!

In addition to our classes, we have monthly workshops to build community, to dive deeper into styles of yoga, learn difficult poses, learn more about holistic wellness, and occasionally drink wine!

Each year, we offer Advanced Yoga Studies & Teacher Training (next one begins in September). This program is about so much more than preparing yoga teachers! It’s about deepening your yoga practice, gaining knowledge and understanding about your mind, body & spirit, finding balance, and loving yourself. If you want to learn more about the roots of yoga and even be prepared to teach one day – this is a great place to start!

At least once a week someone calls and tells me that they have been putting off coming to classes because they are nervous, intimidated, or have never done yoga before. It’s heartbreaking to know that so many people have yet to experience the healing power of yoga because of the culture that the fitness industry has created.

That’s where we come in. Here at Pure Synergy – we greet all students with love and respect. We are so glad that you’re here! We provide mats, blocks, straps, etc. so that you don’t even have to worry about remembering to bring your own. Between the cheery front desk staff, the instructors, and the community of amazing people here – we hope to provide you with a comfortable place to practice yoga & pilates and find peace – if even for only an hour of your day. Look at these happy ladies – they want you to come to yoga!

If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. please do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can send us an email at or call/text us at 940.441.5991

Love & Light, the Pure Synergy Tribe

We’ve Got a Mobile App!

We’ve Got a Mobile App!

We are so very excited to announce that our very own app is available now! With this app you will have access to book & edit appointments, view the class schedule & register for classes, parents can sign their kids up for Young Yogi classes, and so much more. So, click the link to your app store below to get started!

How to Login! You can login via Facebook or you can use the email that you have on file here at the studio. (You may need to reset your password)

You will be prompted to sign our policy agreement. Please take a moment to read it!

Available on iTunes

Available on Google Play

If you have any questions on how to get all set up, please give us a call at 940.441.5991

Crystals As Wellness Tools

Crystals As Wellness Tools

Have you heard of crystals as wellness tools?

You may have seen a few sparkly home decor items popping up around you, geodes in Target, amethyst clusters in Home Goods, and most all stores carry salt lamps. Have you seen them?

The cool thing is…these sparkling beauties aren’t just chic pieces of home decor…they also have some really great healing benefits on an emotional, energetic, and physical level.

This isn’t just woo-woo metaphysical y’all, although there is plenty of that action too, these are science backed theories based on physics and modern technology. Cool right? Science is finally able to prove many of the things we “healers” have been saying for a long time.

According to Richard Gerber, MD, energies that originate at the Soul level, undergoes transformation and translation until it comes to life in your physical body as either a conscious emotion, personality trait, or physical issue (positive or negative).

It’s not new science that crystals can transform, translate, and conduct energies. Quartz has long been used in watches, cars, lasers, imaging, communication technologies, and for other means of transmission of electromagnetic, positive, and negative energy.

You may be wondering how this applies to healing and wellness?

As I mentioned, quartz crystals are used for timekeeping purposes. They live in almost every timepiece. The reason crystals are so sought after for keeping time is they are the most precise molecular construct on the planet. When they are stimulated by energy, any energy, their molecules oscillate at a very precise rate. This is known as the “piezoelectric effect” (yeah, remember that, there will be a quiz later!).

Because quartz oscillate so precisely, it has a very low entropy. Entropy, in its most simplistic definition, describes a molecules ability to basically get out of order – or to be irregular. Humans, have many different tissues made of different molecular structures, meaning we have a very high entropy. Our energies, cells, and molecules are very susceptible to get out of order and out of balance.

In addition to being an entropic mess express, our human suits are also big conductors of energy – even the electric form. Ever heard of an EKG? It’s measure the electric/energetic current of your heart. What about an EMG? Same thing but for your brain or nerve transmissions. This combination makes it really ease for our cells, molecules, energies (and with repeated/lasting exposure) or physical bodies to get out of balance.

Thinking back to what Dr. Gerber said, when we get out of balance energetically eventually it manifests itself is a physical ailment.

Enter, crystal healing.

Crystals with their perfect molecular structure, low entropy,  and dominant oscillation help to retune our human energies at a subtle energy level that translates to the molecular, cellular, and physical plane when in close proximity to the body. This can be enhanced by matching a specific naturally occurring crystal or mineral with the associated endocrine (glands)  or nervous system areas on the body and matching them either in frequency or molecular structure.

So how do you make this work for you? Here are some great ways to incorporate crystals into your everyday routine to maximize your wellness:

  • Wear a crystal. Make sure it is a naturally occurring stone (not dyed, baked, radiated, or fake). You can wear a bracelet or necklace, wear it in your bra or carry it in your pocket. Don’t worry about picking the “wrong” stone or placement, go with your intuition for now.
  • Want to learn what crystals are for what purpose? Join us on 6/27 AT 1:30PM for a workshop all about Crystal Healing!
  • Meditate with a crystal to enhance mediation. Hold a crystal in your left hand, begin to deepen your breathe and quiet your mind. See what comes up for you.
  • Place a crystal on your bedside table while you sleep. (Hint: little ones with nightmares do great with amythest or rose quartz beside their bed. Make sure it’s not small enough for littles to put in their mouth.)
  • Want a Crystal Energy Session and your specific crystal ”prescription” ? schedule a session here (
  • Get the benefits of grounding by placing a hematite at or under your feet.
  • Got a headache? Lay down to rest with an amethyst on our near your forehead.

There are so many ways to incorporate crystals easily and effortlessly into everyday life to enhance your wellbeing.